Lost it – Got it back

i lost flatheadenterprises.com in april, 2015. just stupid.

i was using two webhosts at the time, 1&1 and wiredtree.

flatheadenterprises was the first website i had success with. it was the name of my company. it was my primary email address. never got around to transferring it to my (then)current registrar.

one day it stopped working.

i had allowed it to expire.

almost immediately my domain was purchased by another company

not only did emails stop coming in, but the multitude of accounts set up using that email became unresponsive. clicking the ‘forgot password’ link meant nothing.

i can only imagine how many i pissed off…

tried to get my domain back…one company returned my query stating that starting bid was $500.

fuck that.


waited 3 years.

domain came up. bought it back.


all my emails from the last 3 years came flooding back in.


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