Convert DVD to iPod – FREE

Why buy the same movie twice? Convert your DVD with two FREE programs.

1. Download and install DVD Decrypter and Super Video Converter

  • Both are free software programs. DVD Decrypter was one of the original decrypting programs and still one of the best. Super is a free audio/video conversion program that can convert almost anything into almost anything.

2. Insert the DVD you want to convert and open DVD Decrypter.

  • DVD Decrypter will automatically recognize the dvd and one simple click of a button will copy the files to your hard drive.

DVD Decrypter - Recognize your DVD

3. In DVD Decrypter go to “Edit>Select Main Movie Files”

  • DVD’s are split into many different files (see above), but the actual movie is in a few VOB files, which are actually MPEG’s. As you can see in example #2, this movie was split into 4 sequential VOB files (VTS_03_1.vob through VTS_O3_4.vob). Don’t use the IFO file.

4. Make a note of the names of the files and where they are being saved.

  • On windows machines, the default location is on the C:\ drive (or the same drive as your OS) and it creates a directory or folder with the name of the movie. (see example #2)

5. Click the DVD to hard drive button to save the movie.

Example #2

Example #2
Example #2

6. Open the folder where the movies were saved, then open the VIDEO_TS directory or folder

  • It’s helpful here to switch your folder view to either “List” or “Details” to more easily identify the files you need.

figure 1-

DVD Folder

figure 2-

Select VOB files

7. Open Super and choose the lower radio button in the top left. Select “Join Format-Identical Files” from the small arrow next to the window.

  • In the top left of the program (see example #3), there are two vertically aligned radio buttons. The top radio button is to select the Output Container for the movie and the lower button is to select an Output Process. Clicking on the little arrow just to the right of the window will activate a drop-down menu where you can select your process.

8. Control-click or shift-click the files you need and drag them into the “Job List” window in Super.

  • Hold down the control key while clicking on the files to highlight or select more than one, or if they are all together, hold down the shift key and click on the top and bottom files to select multiple files. Once selected, click and hold the selection and drag them into the “Job List” window. (clicking and releasing anywhere in the window that has the selections will deselect the files, and you’ll have to do it over)

Example #3

Example #3
Example #3

9. Click on the “Join (Active Files)” button just below the Job List window.

  • The files need to be named sequentially – The file names need to be identical except for the last digit or letter in order for Super to recognize the correct order. The example is 1-4, but your files may differ and you may need to rename a few of the file names for the Join process to be successful.

10. After process is complete, remove source files from Job List and replace them with the newly created, “Join”-ed file.

  • Joining doesn’t re-encode, it merely concatenates the separate movie files into one continuous movie file, which is probably how you’d prefer to watch it. By default, this version of Super copies the new file into the same directory or folder as the source files.
  • Right mouse-clicking anywhere in Super will bring up the context menu where you can remove the files from the Job List.
  • Open the VIDEO_TS directory or folder, click and drag the new file into the Job List window.

figure 1-

Right Mouse-Click anywhere in Super for Menu

figure 2-

Joined VOB file

figure 3-

Drag Joined File into Super

11. In Super, click on the upper radio button, click on the arrow to the right of the window and select “Apple iPod/iPhone (MP4)”

  • Super offers several presets to encode your video – choosing Apple iPod/iPhone will automatically format your movie for your iPod

Select Format for Conversion

12. Click on the “Encode(Active Files)” button and within a few minutes (could be several), depending on your individual computer’s RAM and CPU speed, your movie will be saved.

  • The time it takes to encode your movie can take up to the same length of the movie itself.
  • 2-4 Gigs of RAM is recommended.
  • The finished movie, formatted for your iPod will most likely be saved in the same directory or folder as the source files.

figure 1-

Completed File

figure 2-

New MP4 File - Ready For iTunes

After your movie has been successfully converted, just add the new video to your iTunes video library and sync up. You may want to rename the MP4 file before adding to iTunes, but that’s up to you.

Please leave questions in comments section below.

Have fun.


Convert Cassette Tape Audio to iPod

Convert your favorite cassette audio tapes to your iPod – for FREE

If you have music, spoken word or other audio on cassette and want to listen to it on your iPod, it’s easy and FREE to do.


  1. Cassette Deck or Player
  2. Computer
  3. Audio Recording Program
  4. Audio Cables

Step 1-

Open your Audio Recording program. I’ll be using Audacity, which is a FREE audio recording program that has lots of features. You can download it HERE. Download, install and open Audacity, and set the input to Line In or Microphone, depending on whether you plug into the back or front of your computer.

Audacity Audio Recording

Step 2-

Plug your Tape Deck or Tape Player into y0ur computer. Use a RCA to Headphone (Stereo Mini) audio cable for a Tape Deck:

RCA to Headphone Cable

Or a Stereo Headphone cable for Cassetter Player:

Stereo Headphone Audio Cable

Plug the audio cable into either the Line (blue) input on the back of your computer or if you have a Mic (pink) input on the front, use that.

Plug your cassette player into your computer

Step 3-

Press Play on your cassette deck or player, then click the round red Record button on Audacity. Once the song or other audio has finished, press Stop (obvious right). Go to File and Export MP3 and you’re done.


  • You may need to adjust the volume on your computer (not your speakers) for the best possible results. Raising the volume level a few notches under distortion is usually best, just watch out for peaks in the audio.
  • Audacity has lots of features to improve the sound quality of your recordings. Save a copy of one song or recording just to play around with.
  • You can use the same process to record audio from video tapes on your VCR.
  • If you change the input on Audacity to “Stereo Mix” you can record audio from internet radio or any music or video you play online.

Have Fun


Convert YouTube for your iPod

FREE software to convert your favorite YouTube videos for your iPod.

Convert YouTube for iPod

The program I use, SUPER, can re-encode video from and to the most common and some not so common formats. But here’s a quick way to save youtube vids to your iPod.

Use Mozilla Firefox

What sets Firefox apart from the rest are the add-ons that vastly improve your functionality. Download and install Firefox.

The best video downloader add-on is aptly named VideoDownloadHelper – you can get it here.
You simply click on the Add to Firefox button and it’s all done. Most times with add-ons you need to restart your browser, but Firefox remembers and will re-open all your windows.

Video DownloadHelper

After Video DownLoadHelper is installed a new icon will be added to your tool bar:

Video DownLoadHelper icon - inactive

Go to YouTube and find the video you want to convert. Once the video starts playing the icon is activated:

Video DownloadHelper icon - active

Next, click on the tiny, little arrow to the right of the icon and choose the option with the .flv extension. (.flv signifies Flash Video, the format which all YouTube videos are encoded.):

Video DownloadHelper - choose the flv extension

By default, Firefox saves all downloads to your desktop. You can change that by going to Tools>Options and then browse to a different folder. Whatever your preference.

Download SUPER

Next you’ll need to download and install SUPER, download (here). Or, if you’re like me and absolutely suspicious of any free downloads, you can Google “super” and it comes up usually the first choice. Here’s the official link to the SUPER site. I offered a download link through simply because when you go through the official SUPER site, you’re led through a maze of links until you can finally download the software, and my lack of patience finds that rather annoying. I don’t know how long it will be free, but it is now and it will re-encode any video format.

Install and open SUPER then click, drag and drop your video into the window as indicated in the image below. Next, choose the format for your output container. Digital video is actually a container that holds a separate video stream and audio stream. In the top left of the program is the Select the Output Container, choose the Apple – iPod iPhone selection. Then simply click the encode button and SUPER will convert your video to the iPod format.

SUPER video encoder

The default folder that your video will be saved or encoded to is C:\Program Files\eRightSoft\SUPER\OutPut on windows machines. Mac users can use Super Video Converter for Mac 1.0, for FREE encoding software.

Afterwards, open up iTunes and add your new video.

Comments are welcome and encouraged.

Right-click anywhere in SUPER for the menu to change any of the configuration options.

Have Fun!


Leo Laporte – the tech guy

Leo Laporte

If you ever get interested in learning more about the digital virtual world, I suggest you start my listening to Leo Laporte, the tech guy. Leo had a popular TV series called TechTV which ran from 1998 – 2004. TechTV was extremely popular for a tech-related show, it was broadcast in 70 countries and reached 43 million households. In 2004 Comcast’s G4 gaming channel merged with TechTV and soon dissolved the show much to the dismay of loyal fans.

Leo currently airs a radio show on weekends, 11am-2pm, on clear channels AM KFI 640 in Los Angeles. His show touches on everything digital, computers, cameras, TV’s, home theater, wi-fi, iPhones, iPods, phones, etc. Leo accepts calls during the show and will help even the most technically challenged. His shows can also be viewed via video podcast on his site, compliments of STICKAM.

Leo also offers several FREE video and audio podcasts on another website, TWiT – This Week in Tech. I highly recommend browsing through the volumes of information Leo freely provides for anyone interested in tech, or even just for fun.

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