Send Gmail From A Different Email Address

How Many email addresses do you have? Personal email, work email, facebook email… If you’ve started your own business, or many businesses, then you most likely have an email for each venture.  It’s a pain to have so many, but if you want to look pro it’s a necessary evil.  You must be able to …

File Recovery – SmartCard Recovery

How to recover documents, pictures, videos and more from a crashed hard drive. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to retrieve your data. You don’t have to be an uber-geek to dig in and find the files you thought you lost.

WordPress – How To Install In 8 Minutes

Hand coding is great for geeks, but what about the rest of us. Check out this quick and easy guide, with video tutorials, teaching you how to set up your first Wordpress Blog.

Internet Surfing Basics – Rules

Grown children are buying computers for their parents to improve communication. Many of the “long-in-tooth” crowd pick it right up. Others, not so much. This series is intended for the absolute beginner, but you might get something out of it too.